Hurghada and the Red Sea coast enjoy a very moderate weather throughout the year, making it an ideal place for sea sports. Offers are endless and constantly expanding. Whether you are interested in windsurfing, sailing, high sea-fishing, diving, snorkeling, or simply want to relax on the beach. Hurghadas’ offers are very multifaceted.  Tourism is now a huge part of Hurghada and each year, many tourists choose to combine their holiday here with visits to other prominent locations along the Nile Valley, including the relatively nearby city of Luxor. Due to the impressive underwater life of its reefs and islands, as well as the outstanding weather conditions Hurghada represents the most important destination for divers, water sports of all kinds and sunbathers in Egypt.

The climate in Egypt is very pleasant throughout the year. Summers are very hot and dry whilst 'winter' is slightly cooler but still warm enough for sunbathing and spending time on the beach. This is the appeal that gives Hurghada a year long tourist season and why visitors flock to this part of the Red Sea Riviera when temperatures drop at home.

Sea temperature rarely drops below 20 c which means that swimming is possible throughout the year and you can get away from the harsh winters than can be experienced in many parts of Europe between November and March. Whilst the height of summer is very hot -sometimes 40 c plus - the 'Spring' and 'Autumn' seasons are thought by many as the best time to visit Hurghada.

Between April and June, and September till November, the temperatures are warm without being uncomfortable.

The four most popular shopping districts of Hurghada : 1. Senzo Mall: In the Senzo Mall , you can stroll at leisure and shop , while almost forgetting that you are in the Orient. There are for example the Spinneys hypermarket , various large and small clothing shops of international brands such as Aldo , Adidas, Geox and Tommy Hilfiger,etc. 2. Hurghada Marina: Experience A Mediterranean flair on the waterfront opposite the Hurghada Marina . It is located directly on the picturesque marina which is lined with shops and restaurants that invite you to a comfortable , undisturbed stroll. 3. Sekalla - Sheraton Road: On Sheraton Road there is a variety of large and small shops and small shopping malls. The road is very busy and there are lots of people on the go, a good mix between locals and tourists. 4. Downtown: The old town in Hurghada Dahar is full of shops offering local crafts , t-shirts, spices and other souvenirs. This is Hurghada's oldest shopping district for tourists , some sections of road are pedestrian zones.

The clubs and bars that serve as hosts to the many visitors, many of the resorts and hotels have their own discos and nightclubs, many with weekly shows or planned events that welcome guests and hotel patrons alike.

Some of the resorts plan less youthful and exuberant nighttime activities, which include local musicians and dancers, floor shows and even some lectures about the history and culture of Egypt. Some guests will also plan their trip to Hurghada to include an evening meal in a camp of the local Bedouin people. While having a holiday in Hurghada you can be sure that every night is a happening! Our clubs and bars are packed all the week. There are many bars, nightclubs and discos in Hurghada: nightlife leaders in the city include Hard Rock Cafe, Little Budha, Calypso Disco and etc.

Not a lot of people know that Egypt is not only famous for its ancient monuments, culture and revolution, but it is also famous for its great food. Egyptian food is a mixture of all the different civilizations that came to Egypt in the history of its existence. Nowhere in the world will you be able to taste so many cultures in one plate. Below is a list of the most delicious and popular dishes served up in Egypt today.

Kushari- Considered to be the Egyptian national dish, it consists of pasta and tomato sauce, among other items, including rice, lentils, caramelized onions, garlic and chickpeas. Ful Medames - One of the common staple foods in Egypt, it consists of lava beans served with oil, garlic and lemon juice.

Konafah - Konafah is an Egyptian sweet made of a very thin noodle-like pastry. Konafah is made by drizzling long rows of the thin noodles in their liquid state on a hot plate until they become dry and more rigid. Gibna Domiati - Gibna Domiati is a white soft cheese made in the city of Damietta, in the north of Egypt. It is typically made from buffalo milk but sometimes cow milk is added to the mixture as well. It is the most common cheese found in Egypt.

If the beach is no longer enough to keep you satisfied, you can find adventure with a variety of activities and short tours in and around Hurghada. We offer day excursions to remote islands for snorkeling and diving, afternoon adventures in the desert and more.

Hurghada Bedouin Desert Safari by Jeep 4x4 - Take a trip into the desert with the Bedouin there. You will be driven into Egypt's Eastern Desert to a Bedouin village for a tour. Get a look at their traditions and culture and enjoy the desert sunset on camel back.

Desert Safari Trip by Quad Bike - Learn how to drive a quad bike before heading out into the desert. Travel over 25 km to a Bedouin village where you can enjoy a meal and get to know the culture of the desert.

Day Tour to Cairo from Hurghada  - From Hurghada to Cairo to get a glimpse of the heart of Egypt. With our guide, you will visit the Giza Pyramids and the Great Sphinx. Excursions can arrange by plane and by bus.

Semi Submarine Hurghada - It is a fantastic excursion under water. You can clearly see, film and photograph the Red Sea most famous corals, fish and others marine life. Through large panoramic windows and in your personal swiveling chair you surely won't miss a thing!

Day Tour to Luxor from Hurghada - Leave the beach for a day and head to Luxor to see Egypt’s ‘open-air museum’. See Luxor Temple and Karnak on the east bank of the Nile.

For citizens of Georgia:

  • Egyptian Tourist visas are issued on arrival;
  • Tourist Visa fee: single-entry: $25 approx; US Dollar and the Euro are accepted;
  • All foreigners arriving in Egypt should have a valid passport (with at least 6 months left before expiry) to get your entry visa;

How Tourists get their visa at the airport:

The Egyptian visa does not consist of a detailed document. It is just a small stamp which can be bonded into your passport. Tourist visa you can buy from the visa office located at arrival  in the arrival terminal before proceeding to passport control. Travelers receive their visa stamp shortly after arriving.  You just stick in any empty page on your passport.

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